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Adrasan Transfer

Adrasan Airport Transfer

Adrasan is a small town, belongs to Kumluca district of Antalya, Province. Its name is Cavuskoy today. It is a protected area, therefore, it is a paradise with its untouched nature. It is 27 km away from the center of Kumluca and 95 km away from the center of Antalya.


You can reach from Antalya Airport. The airport is 108 km away from Adrasan. Reaching takes between 1,5 and 2 hours by Antalya Airport transfers.


There are boutique hotels, small hostels, and bungalows instead of big, luxury hotels to stay in. Adrasan is mostly preferred by who likes quietness and wants to avoid city life.



It is a good choice for families with children because the sea is calm and shallow. You can swim in the clear and azure sea or do scuba diving. Nightlife is quietness as day. There are no bars, nightclubs, and noisy music.


The best thing to do at night is that lying on the beach and watching stars. You can have a boat trip and see Suluada, Sazak and Ceneviz bays. You can visit Adrasan Castle but reaching the castle is difficult, you need to go with an experienced trecking team.


It is very close to one of the most popular destinations in Antalya, Olympos Ancient City. Actually, Olympos is one of the most famous ancient cities in Turkey. Olympos is 30 km away from Adrasan and 80 km away from the city center of Antalya.


Thousands of tourists visit this place in a year because of its mythologic history. You can rest on the beach after ancient city trip. If you want you can stay at bungalows here. Also, you can enjoy the amazing view with Olympos Cable Car.


You can go to Gelidonya Cape which is known as the farthermost point of the Mediterranean region. There is Gelidonya Lighthouse. It has a wonderful landscape, therefore, it is a frequented point of the Lycian Way walkers.



Gelidonya Cape is one of the most dangerous places of the Mediterranean sea because of crosscurrents. A lot of ships sunk there in ancient times. The first underwater research was done in 1960 and sunken ship ruins of the 15th century BC were found in the Cape.


The ruins are exhibited in the Bodrum Underwater Museum today. There is Karaoz Pirate (korsan) Bay in the Gelidonya Lighthouse way. This is a hidden paradise. You can go camping and enjoy being alone with nature at the bay. Also, you can visit the Letoon and Phaselis Ancient cities here.


In addition to these, You can go to Alanya. Alanya is one of the main tourism centers. There are waterfalls and caves like Side and Manavgat Waterfall, Duden Waterfall, Hidden Paradise (Degirmendere) Waterfall,


Damlatas Cave, Geyikbayiri Cave, and Karain Cave besides good beaches and sea. It is 134 km away from the Antalya city center and 226 km away from Adrasan. Belek and Kemer are the most preferred tourism points after Alanya.



There are lots of luxury hotels, good restaurants, entertaining activities and places to visit. Antalya is also a good point for winter tourism.


You can go skiing at the Taurus Mountains in the winter time. The other international airport is Gazi Pasa Airport in Antalya. It is in Alanya and located out of the city. But if you prefer, you can reach all these points from there, too.


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