Best Touristic Places of Antalya

Best Touristic Places of Antalya

Best Touristic Places of Antalya

Best Touristic Places of Antalya

With the most beautiful beaches, monuments, activities and natural attractions in the city of Antalya, the province of Antalya and the Turkish Riviera.

Most Popular Tourist Stops

Kaleici: Kaleici since Antalya was founded like tausends years ago which is very old. This Old Town has a great value for many people. Located above the cliffs, the Kaleici district is home to most of the attractions in the city center of Antalya’s. Buildings of the Romans, Byzantines, Seljuk’s and ottomans are close to each other. There are many different opportunities for those who may like shopping.

Clock Tower: The Clock Tower is a perfect starting point for a walk through Antalya's old town. Together with a second tower, it was one of the fortifications at the old main gate of the city walls of Antalya’s. At that time, the tower did not have a clock.

On the square in front of the Clock Tower, there are some benches. They are popular with locals and tourists to take a break. The young people of Antalya’s like to meet there for appointments. You can easily find the clock tower on the map.

It stands on the Cumhuriyet Caddesi at the height of Kazim Ozalp Caddesi above the port. Together with the adjacent Yivli Minare and the Clock Tower is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Antalya.

Duden Waterfall: Duden Waterfall at the cliffs of Antalya’s the water masses of the Duden Waterfall fall down into the sea at Lara. The unique nature experience can be visited by Land and water. Excursion boats regularly sail from the harbour to the more than 30-metre-high waterfall.

Popular Activities in Antalya  

Parasailing: Of course, one of the classics at the sea must not be missing in Antalya. Along the beaches of the Turkish Riviera you will see Parasailing speedboats. Hanging from a parachute, you are pulled by a speedboat on a rope. You will reach a height of 100 to 300 meters.

It's all about the fun and a little thrill. The boats sail up and down the beaches all day in good weather.

Tandem Parachute Sailing & Paragliding: Together with an experienced paraglider you can descend from the 2,365 meter high Tathali in Kemer. The flight takes you over the mountains of the Taurus mountains down to the coast from Tekirova town. Of course, there are other mountains from which tandem jumps are offered. A unique view and an experience that you can still tell about in many years!

Diving: In Antalya itself there are not so beautiful diving areas. But in the one-hour drive away seaside resort Kemer and on the Lycian coast there are all the more beautiful places for diving. For example, you can find Kemer on the list of the 100 most beautiful diving areas in the world. Particularly popular in Kemer are the wrecks of French ships from the first World War, which sank near the coast.

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