The Best Touristic Places of Marmaris

The Best Touristic Places of Marmaris

The Best Touristic Places of Marmaris

The Best Touristic Places of Marmaris

With its beautiful seaside scenery, beaches and natural environment, the Marmaris is one of the well known touristic places in Turkey. Marmaris has native population about ninety thousand. With the attraction of tourists, this number sharply increases.

Marmaris located in city of Muğla, the western part of Turkey and has coast of both Mediterranean and Aegean sea. However, Marmaris itself has coast of Mediterranean while other places bound to Marmaris has coast to Aegean sea. Marmaris has several island.

The biggest island called Heaven island is home to one of the ancient caves that once used for worshipping. Here is the list of some other Marmaris touristic places

Beaches of Marmaris

Marmaris is known for its beaches. There are plenty of beaches in Marmaris and its nearby towns. The Uzunyalı beach, which covers the southern part of Marmaris has restaurants, cafes and bars situated near the beach.


The beach of İçmeler, which is most popular beach of Marmaris. İçmeler is 8 kilometers away from Marmaris. The beach of İçmeler is most popular tourist spot with its perfect coast. The next stop is Turunç beach. Beach of Turunç is another popular tourist spot. It is 21 kilometers away from Marmaris.

There are many underwater caves which makes Turunç is a great diving point. The other beach is Kumlubük. Kumlubük is small yet beautiful beach. It is 6 kilometers far from Turunç.


İçmeler is most popular touristic spot in Marmaris with native population of nine thousand. İçmeler is beautiful place to visit and see in Marmaris. Compared to Marmaris, it is small but it has one of the most beautiful coasts in Marmaris.

İçmeler is 8 kilometers away from Marmaris. It is very popular place due to the environment and availability of bars, restaurants and cafes. İçmeler situated in mountanious area that covers east side of the beach. The name “İçmeler” comes from its healing waters.


Turunç is another popular touristic spot in Marmaris after İçmeler. It is 21 kilometers away from Marmaris. It has native population of approximately two thousand. Turunç is very well known for its coast and natural environment.

It is even smaller than İçmeler which makes it a calming holiday resort away from crowd. Vacationers who like quiet, less crowded places prefer Turunç for its atmosphere.



Kumlubük is 26 kilometers away from Marmaris. It is the last and farthest touristic spot in Marmaris. Kumlubük is very small and quiet place containing only two hotels. It is best advised to vacationers who like quiet places. Kumlubük has very beautiful beaches and environment.

Nimara Cave

Nimara cave located in Heaven island across the Marmaris. It reaches heights between 3 and 5 metres and width of 5 meters. The cave once used for ancient worship site among old residents of town Nimara. According to excavations, the human presence in the cave is dates back to twelwe thousand years. Nimara cave is interesting historical site visited by tourists in Heaven island.

Marmaris Castle

Marmaris castle which is located in Marmaris serves as a historical site and museum. It is taught that the castle is built around 3.000 BC and reconstructed during the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent before the siege of Rhodes. The castle is one of the popular tourists attraction points in Marmaris with its beautiful environment near the coast.

Fosforlu Cave

Fosforlu cave is another geological destination point in Heaven island after Nimara cave. Because the cave is under the hill and on water, It is only reached by watercraft. There are plenty of tours for this small cave.

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